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Turning your job hunt into an Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign

Hayden Scott

Hayden Scott

Editor in Chief at Daily Discovery
PR degree graduate looking for work in media who happens to write, broadcast on the radio, and has a penchant for memes. Writing is a passion and something I have done semi-professional for many years, writing at times for a well known gaming online publication focusing on EVE Online. Quite possibly a nerd.
Hayden Scott

Integrated Marketing Communications is involved in most media consumed whether it’s realised or not. For example the recent Burger King advert that hijacked Google Home which caused a media storm, or perhaps the campaign by Apple with the Apple Watch. If you didn’t already know, these campaigns were an amalgamation of all three disciplines; Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising. If we can utilise our skills for our clients and employers, why can’t we do the same with our job search?

How to start your Integrated Marketing Communications strategy

You have to start with the Internet. It is the easiest place for you to be found, and the one that requires the most work. You need to gather all of your work you have done, Social Media accounts, and also create a blog. Although blogs are often maligned they are a way for you to show your writing style as well as keep your content current. You need to think about what it is that you want to write about and why. For example this blog has my personal blog posts but there are posts on Marketing, Public Relations, as well as opinion pieces about Public Relations crises I have noticed.

The Marketing and Public Relations posts are there because I have many years experience within a number of companies as well as a Bachelors in PR from University of the Arts London.  Gaming and Technology posts are there because they’re both great loves of mine. These are the things I write about. You need to think about what you want to achieve and it will help you know what you need to write.

Your Blog

This needs to be kept up to date. It doesn’t mean that you are tied to writing a blog post a day but you should be posting fairly often. Think of what you would want to show your new boss and write about that. If you’re looking for a job in Marketing then you should speak about things such as ROI monitoring on campaign spend. If you’re looking for a Public Relations position then perhaps talk about your specific discipline and case studies in that area, or even Integrated Marketing Communications. Good examples are British Petroleum (BP) for Crisis Communications, and Apple for Media Relations.

Make sure that your blog is fast. Really fast. You need people to be able to easily read your content, and even share it. If your site is slow it won’t matter how brilliant your content is. Nobody will wait for your site to load to read it. When your blog is created and you have started writing your content you need people to know it’s there. Use your Twitter account to link to the appropriate hashtags, don’t worry about your Facebook so much. You can do a quick search on Twitter to see what hashtags you should be targeting but do so sparingly and wisely. Too many hashtags and too much and you’ll annoy people.

Job Applications

Although you’ve put together your blog and are using it to contain all of your content and possibly your portfolio you need to highlight this on your CV. It’s out of the scope of this article to explain how to write a CV but ensure you have your website address on your CV so that people can look at your content. You can go a step further if you wish and host your own blog and use your own email address like I have to make it easier. Make sure that your CV is well-written though because when I was a recruiter I would throw badly written CV’s into the bin to save time.

Make Some Noise

Share your content on Social Media like I do with this post for example and look at who specifically you want to see it. You can write some of your content pieces specifically for an organisation you are interested in. This can work fantastically and get you the attention to secure an interview but it can be a disaster if you don’t do it properly. Follow the appropriate people on Twitter for the company you are interested in and Tweet them. Just remember, don’t be creepy.

So there you go. That’s an incredibly brief Integrated Marketing Communications explanation of how to make your job search a little more interactive and showcase your skills. There’s something to be said for a well-written CV and tenacity but if you’re looking for creative positions like myself then it pays to be creative in your process. I wish you the best of luck with your search and feel free to comment if you need a little more advice.


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